Panasonic 342 Litre Fridge Freezer

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The Panasonic 342 Litre Fridge Freezer is a smart option for storing your household groceries. With two doors, this fridge offers easy accessibility to your refrigerated foods.


The contemporary full-flat design of this fridge-freezer stylishly blends with even the most modern of kitchens> Plus, with the intelligent combination on INVERTER and ECONAVI technologies, it’s not only good for the environment it also costs less to run. Packed with innovative features such as Ag Clean and Fresh Safe – keeping your food fresher for longer has never been so easy.


Precise temperature control for lasting food freshness: Panasonic’s unique cooling technology maintains the optimum temperature in each compartment. It enables storage of food items at their ideal temperature, so freshness and taste are thoroughly preserved.

Moisture-retaining Fresh Safe vegetable case: The vegetable case stores vegetables and fruits in the optimum conditions with ideal humidity and constant temperature to keep them fresh and juicy longer.

Practical, easy-to-use bottom freezer: This bottom freezer comes with two drawers for easy organization and neat storage. It makes it easier to find he items that you are looking for and lets you store items separately to avoid mixing odours.

Clean air everywhere: Silver has a powerful anti-bacterial effect, deactivating 99.9% of mold and bacteria inside the fridge compartment. This effect is semi-permanent so there’s no need to replace it. Also, an active enzyme effectively resolves unpleasant odors.

  • H 1724 x W 600 x D 629mm
  • Inverter and ECONAVI
  • Quick ice making
  • Tempered glass shelves
  • LED lights
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 24 months


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